Mission & Stewardship Facts

Did you know that Texas will continue to growing by one half million (net) people annually for the foreseeable future? The prayer and financial partnership of district congregations have enabled great steps forward in mission. Did you know that because of the generous prayer and financial partnership of district congregations:

      • 122 new Texas missions started since 2004
      • A new effort to train evangelists for outreach ministry is already engaging more than 20 servant-leaders.
      • More than 9000 people are being reached with Christ every week by 100+ missionaries
      • The Texas District has started a new mission every six weeks for the past 14 years
      • The Texas District is the leader in church planting in the Synod

    Disciples Living as Grace-filled Stewards

    A Full Stewardship Campaign to all Texas District Congregations, for no charge! In partnership with Stewardship Advisors, the Texas District is pleased to offer to each congregation of the Texas District a complimentary download of the campaign entitled, “Disciples Living as Grace-filled Stewards.” This full campaign is a four-week Stewardship emphasis, with four weekly themes:

    • Discipling: Teaching and Equipping
    • Discipling: Grace-filled Ambassadors
    • Discipling: Grace-filled Servants
    • Discipling: Grace-filled Givers

    For more details on this campaign, click HERE.

    This program was purchased by the Texas District LCMS for the sole use of Texas District LCMS congregations.

    A Consumer’s Guide According to Dr. Luke

    A new stewardship resource is available! A Consumer’s Guide According to Dr. Luke – What God has to say about money and possessions is a seven-week Bible study. A workbook and answer key are included as well as suggested newsletter article and bulletin announcement. To receive a copy of this material, please email the district office. When sending your email please use the subject line, Seven Week Bible Study Request. In the body of the email, please include your church name, city, state, and your position in the congregation. Thank you.
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