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Mission & Stewardship Facts

Did you know that Texas will continue to growing by one half million (net) people annually for the foreseeable future?

The prayer and financial partnership of district congregations have enabled great steps forward in mission.

Did you know that because of the generous prayer and financial partnership of district congregations:

  • Nearly 40 ministries
  • 103 Word and Sacrament ministries have been started since 2004
  • More than half of the 103 new church plants worship in a language other than English (Churches in the Texas District worship in 15 different languages)
  • More than 9000 people are being reached with Christ every week by nearly 140 missionaries in 2016
  • The Texas District has started a new mission every five and one half weeks for the past nine years
  • Nearly one-third of the 2016 mission budget consists of ongoing “recycled” dollars that will help start new churches for years to come
  • The Texas District is the leader in church planting in the Synod

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