Meet Your Area Catalyst Team

Our prayer is that the Kingdom of God will grow and expand by His grace as we serve our neighbor together in the name of Jesus.

Please be in touch with your area Mission Strategist to:
  • Assist your church to plant a mission (multi-site, second language, daughter congregation, etc.) or to partner with other entities to plant new missions
  • Partner in strengthening areas and functions of ministry (Outreach, Mission, Stewardship, Leadership Development, etc.)
  • Facilitate planning and training for outreach and mission
  • Help your church understand and prepare for the change process
  • Administer, score and report the findings of various ministry surveys through “Survey Monkey” on-line surveys
  • Provide community demographics information and interpretation through use of MissionInsite
  • Share the story of Texas District’s mission
  • Provide leadership training, coaching and mentoring
  • Preach and teach Bible Class on mission and outreach themes at Worship Services
Rev. Lincon Guerra

Mission and Ministry Facilitator Area A, Circuits 1-7

Rev. Ben Gonzales

Mission Strategist Area B, Circuits 8-19

Martin Schardt

Congregation Support Specialist Area B

Rev. Pete Mueller

Mission Strategist Area C, Circuit 20-30

Larry Rietz

Congregation Support Specialist Area C, Circuit 20-30

Rev. Dr. Jon Braunersreuther

Mission Strategist Area D, Circuit 31-43 & Director of Districtwide Strategy

Rev. Dr. David Bahn

Congregation Support Specialist Area D

Deaconess Noemi Guerra

Districtwide Evangelist Development Leader

Rev. Dr. Stephen Sohns

Associate Mission Strategist Area D

Planting Resources

Essentials including Steps to Start, Demographics and Funding Models

Steps to Planting Using Texas Returnable Funding-Summary Page

This document provides a succinct overview of the general steps that are needed when a congregation intends to partner with the Texas District in planting a church.

Steps to Planting Using Texas Returnable Funding-Detailed Page

This document and the appendices included are both descriptive and prescriptive of the steps which should be followed by congregations or networks desiring to enter into a partnership with the Texas District Board of Mission Administration in planting new churches.

Steps to Planting Using Local Resources-Summary Page

This document offers suggested steps that have been gathered from the experience of congregations that do not want to request funding resources from the district but rather fully fund their own church plant.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

There are many questions that are asked about how a congregation may proceed when planting a church. This document addresses many of those questions as well as anticipates additional concerns that may surface in the development of a church plant.

MissionInsite Demographic Tool-Summary Page and Registration Site

The Texas District provides membership to MissionInsite for every district “agency” (incorporated) congregation. With this membership, you are able to study the community context of your mission. To sample this tool open the Executive or Impressions report below.

Sample Executive Insite (Sample)

The purpose of this report is to provide a demographic story of the defined geographic study area.

Sample Impressions (Sample)

This report will measure 10 community mood and values indicators and 10 community inclination indicators of the determined study area.

Mosaic Group and Segment Descriptions

This study, offered by Experian Marketing Systems through MissionInsite, is a potent tool available in detail to incorporated congregations of the Texas District.

Exegeting Your Community-Summary Page

In order to be in mission in our communities, it is helpful to learn how to exegete our culture in order to speak the Gospel into it.

Mission Deck

Open your next meeting with the mission in mind. These are ideas to help you start meeting with a missional mindset. 

Model Documentation

A Few Samples of Church Plant Development

Community of Hope

We live to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God

The Vine

The map to cultivating new Life

The Edge Communities
Build Relationships – Make Disciples – Teach His People

SoulThirst Church

“An Adventure in Jesus!”

Foundational SoulThirst documents:

Water’s Edge Allen

Roadmap to Launch

Oikos Church Plant

How Oikos Started