Church Planter Candidate Assessment

John Hirsch Photo
Rev. Dr. John Hirsch, DMin

If you believe the Lord is leading you to be a church planter in the Texas District, you are encouraged to follow the Lord’s lead and at least begin an assessment process.

There is no question that church planting is exciting. There is nothing like bringing the Gospel to people who do not know Jesus in ways that are creative and entrepreneurial. However, church planting is also very challenging. Many who have embraced church planting have discovered that Satan presses hard against weaknesses previously ignored or not realized. He does not want the kingdom of God to expand. Still, this is true no matter where or in any vocation you serve Christ. With that being said, perhaps now is the time for you to discover your aptitude, specifically for church planting. Please start with following the steps listed below.

To get started, the following steps are required:

  • Spend time in prayer.
  • Talk to and pray with others about this matter.
  • Click here to take the Church Planter Profile. (Be certain to select Texas District LCMS as the governing agency.)
  • Contact Dr. John Hirsch to inform him of your interest and that you have taken the initial assessment inventory. If you score favorably on this instrument, next steps will be outlined. Do not be dismayed if you do not score high on all aspects of the instrument as the wording on some questions is not within our usual realm of thinking/theological perspective. However, this instrument is used because it has veracity and reliability in our major areas of concern.

An additional document you will need to complete, at the direction of Dr. John Hirsch, is the Church Planter Candidate Assessment form. Click here to download this form.