Who Are They?

The care and coaching team is a group of church workers who have been appointed by the District President to offer care and coaching for church workers and their spouses.

The Care and Coaching Team members have been chosen because of their experience in ministry and their ability to engage and support colleagues. They are normally available through an online appointment. They have completed a training program to develop a coaching style for care and support.

Why A Care and Coaching Team?

Being in ministry can be challenging. Many church workers and their spouses often feel alone, isolated and discouraged. When you add in family and personal health, it can easily be overwhelming. The members of the district care and coaching team are a good place to begin when dealing with such issues. They can provide a listening ear and help workers discover a new direction.

What is Coaching?

Coaches are not counselors or consultants. Coaching begins with the belief that most people have the resources needed to resolve an issue. A coach will first work to establish a relationship with the individual.
Next, they will work together to identify goals, explore options, and develop a plan of action.

The members of the Care Team have been trained to be coaches. As such, they will not give advice, but rather guide the individual through a process. Coaching typically involves four to six sessions, usually less than
an hour each. The coach may suggest follow-up options when that is agreed upon. Most coaching sessions take place virtually.


“During a challenging season in ministry, my coach came alongside me, listening and helping me clearly process through the situation. I felt heard, understood and encouraged during an isolating time. My coach … helped me not only with that situation, but gave me the tools to approach future ministry challenges with more clarity, discernment and compassion.”

Team Biographies

Diane Bahn
Dr. Jerry Brunworth
Tom Couser
Rev. Eloy González
Rev. Ken Hennings
Christiane Hobbs
Dr. Lou Jander
Rev. John Messmann

Contact Information

Contact the care team members directly. They will set up an online meeting to begin the discussion.

Diane Bahn – dianebahntx@gmail.com
Dr. Jerry Brunworth – gbrunworth16@gmail.com
Tom Couser – thomascouser@yahoo.com
Rev. Eloy González – eloy@gonzes.net
Rev. Ken Hennings – hennings622@gmail.com
Christiane Hobbs – chobbs@txlcms.org
Dr. Lou Jander – ljander@crownpnt.org
Rev. John Messmann – john@missionleader.global
Rev. Jim Otte (advisor) – jotte@txlcms.org

Care and Coaching Brochure.