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We cannot guarantee if these items are still available. Please contact the individual directly to confirm availability.

If you want to submit an item to Church Door, please email a description, picture, cost, and way to contact you to

Scam Notice – Be Aware

Free Pianos

As the world continues to change and people are taking advantage of others we need to be extra careful when strangers offer “Free” items. A recent scam is free pianos being offered to people that will pay shipping or storage fees. More information is in this article.

Lutheran Heritage Foundation – FREE RESOURCES

Do you know someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language, and you want to introduce them to the Savior? Check out the Lutheran Heritage Foundation’s database of free Lutheran books, translated into more than 140 languages of the world! Resources include children’s Bible storybooks (often also good for adults with lower literacy levels), Luther’s Small Catechism, and devotion booklets in languages like Spanish, Chinese, Hindi and Swahili – all available at no cost to the ministries, short-term mission teams, and individuals who need them. Search the LHF Publication List at

Christ Lutheran Church, Johnson City – Church Furnishings

Items available include an altar, pulpit, lectern, font, and pews. Interested? Please get in touch with Mr. Jey Ping:

Faith, Andrews Miscellaneous Congregation Items

Faith Lutheran Church in Andrews celebrated its final divine service. It is now giving away miscellaneous items. Please click below to see what is available:

If you are interested in any of these items please email Rev. Lincon Guerra or Pastor Bob Pase

Rite of Installation

A rite of installation for an installer—a pastor, Circuit Visitor, VP, and more. Click HERE to view the document.

Hope, Winnie – Copies of Lutheran Worship

Hope Lutheran in Winnie has 50 copies of Lutheran Worship. They are free to a good home. They will need to be picked up or shipping paid. Contact Cindi Kroll at for more information.

TLH Hymnals—FREE

St. Mark Lutheran Church in Waco, TX has about 75 TLH hymnals that we are no longer using.  If anyone would like them they are free to a good home, but they would need to be picked up or shipping charges would need to be paid by the recipient.  If interested, please email or call 254-754-0644 to check for availability and shipping charges.

Baptismal Font—FREE

Water of Life Lutheran Church in Forney, TX has a baptismal font free to any church that needs one.  The font is six-sided, wooden, with some wear and tear (see attached photos).  An interested party would need to make arrangements for pickup or delivery.  If interested, please contact Terri Shambaugh at

Easter Banners—FREE

Zion Walburg has 2 free identical large Easter banners. 8 ft by 5 ft, in wooden frames which would probably need to be removed for transport. Anyone interested can contact either Brenda Walker at or Glenda Overfelt at


Dear Texas District Pastors…Looking for a biblical sermon hymn? I wrote 3 separate hymnbooks using the scripture from each Sunday’s scripture readings…Series A, B, and C, with Series A & C including extra hymns and texts from Psalms, Proverbs, & favorite scripture Pastors like to use when preaching outside the pericopes.   Cost: $10 @ plus $2-shipping…(can be viewed at, hashtag conquering cancer through faith in Christ).

If interested, email

Lutheran Heritage Foundation—Free Resource

Do you have a Japanese friend you’d like to share the Gospel with? The Lutheran Heritage Foundation has a new, free resource that can help: a pocket-sized edition of Luther’s Small Catechism, translated into the Japanese language. To order your copy, email or call LHF at (800)554-0723. LHF has translated good Lutheran books into more than 90 languages; to search their database of free resources, go to