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Church Banners—FREE

St. Paul Lutheran Church MS – Jasper TX. No charge for banners – shipping charges only if not picked up. Please contact Pam Wright at 409-397-9029 if interested.

Pictures can be found at


Dear Texas District Pastors…Looking for a biblical sermon hymn? I wrote 3 separate hymnbooks using the scripture from each Sunday’s scripture readings…Series A, B, and C, with Series A & C including extra hymns and texts from Psalms, Proverbs, & favorite scripture Pastors like to use when preaching outside the pericopes.   Cost: $10 @ plus $2-shipping…(can be viewed at, hashtag conquering cancer through faith in Christ).

If interested, email

CPH Sunday School Curriculum

Grace Lutheran Church in Brenham has unused CPH Sunday School materials and would love to see someone be able to use it!! FREE of course! It is “Elementary and Upper Grade” curriculum from both the Old and New Testament.

Contact Lois Beisert if you are interested.

Lutheran Heritage Foundation—Free Resource

Do you have a Japanese friend you’d like to share the Gospel with? The Lutheran Heritage Foundation has a new, free resource that can help: a pocket-sized edition of Luther’s Small Catechism, translated into the Japanese language. To order your copy, email or call LHF at (800)554-0723. LHF has translated good Lutheran books into more than 90 languages; to search their database of free resources, go to

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