President’s Office

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

External Relations

Director of External Relations

Data Specialist

External Relations Coordinator

Catalyst Team

Mission and Ministry Facilitator Area A, Circuits 1-7

Mission Strategist Area B, Circuits 8-19

Congregation Support Specialist Area B

Mission Strategist Area C, Circuit 20-30

Congregation Support Specialist Area C

Mission Strategist Area D, Circuit 31-43 & Director of Districtwide Strategy

Congregation Support Specialist Area D

Districtwide Evangelist Development Leader

Associate Mission Strategist Area D

School Ministry

Director of School Ministry

Executive Assistant

Roster Assistant

Business Office


Administrative Clerk

Accounting Specialist

Facility and Supply Coordinator

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry and Commissioned Minister Specialist

Texas Church Extension Fund

Executive Director

Financial Controller

Loan Associate

Marketing Specialist

Juanita Shelby

Administrative Clerk

Debbie Potter

Investor Service Representative

Kenda Zawadzki

Investor Service Representative

Cheryl Springer

Operations Supervisor

Rolando Martinez

Financial Clerk

Renee Lehmann

Hospitality Coordinator