Mission & Ministry Facilitators

Rev. Steven Misch
Rev. Yohannes Mengsteab
Rev. Peter Mueller
Rev. Rick Pfaff
Mr. Larry Rietz
Rev. Dr. Jon Braunersreuther


Meet your area Mission & Ministry Facilitator (MMF)

Our prayer is that the Kingdom of God will grow and expand by His grace as we serve our neighbor together in the name of Jesus.

Please be in touch with your area MMF to:

  • Assist your church to plant a mission (multi-site, second language, daughter congregation, etc.) or to partner with other entities to plant new missions
  • Partner in strengthening areas and functions of ministry (Outreach, Mission, Stewardship, Leadership Development, etc.)
  • Facilitate planning and training for outreach and mission
  • Help your church understand and prepare for the change process
  • Administer, score and report the findings of various ministry surveys through “Survey Monkey” on-line surveys
  • Provide community demographics information and interpretation through use of MissionInsite
  • Share the story of Texas District’s mission
  • Provide leadership training, coaching and mentoring
  • Preach and teach Bible Class on mission and outreach themes at Worship Services

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