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The Right Place

The Texas District provides membership to MissionInsite for every “agency” (incorporated) congregation of the Texas District. With this membership, you can study the community context of your mission. If you or your congregation is being led to plant a church, establish a second worship site, or discover potential outreach opportunities, this is the tool to use to become acquainted with your surrounding neighborhoods.

With MissionInsite you can better understand your community and the people you serve:

Measure—MissionInsite answers the question “Who are we?” by providing an analysis of your current reach among members and donors, so that you can clearly identify strengths and weaknesses, and measure success.

Identify—MissionInsite answers the question “Who is my neighbor?” by defining the unique and dynamic demographic diversity of your service areas so that you can observe migrations of people and the changing needs of the community.

Discover—MissionInsite answers the question “What is our plan?” by revealing opportunities to serve more people and engage more in the community, and identifying emerging opportunities and challenges as you expand your service area.

All LCMS member congregations may use this tool. To register and take advantage of this tremendous tool simply click here or the button below, and follow the instructions. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your Area Mission Strategist, or Congregation Support Specialist for assistance.

MissionInsite Registration