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The Texas District provides a membership to MissionInsite for every “agency” (incorporated) congregation of the Texas District. With this membership you can study the community context of your mission. If you or your congregation is being led to plant a church, establish a second worship site or simply offer a Bible Study, this is the tool to use to become acquainted with surrounding neighborhoods.

With this tool you can run a variety of reports, including four that are predefined. One of the predefined reports is entitled, “Impressions.” This report offers 10 Community Mood and Values Indicators as well as 10 Community Inclination Indicators. Specifically included among the 20 catagories in this report of community measurements are:

  • Drive for Affluence
  • Devotion to Family
  • Practice of Altruism and Giving
  • Importance of Religious Faith

While all of the predefined reports are very insightful, the Impressions Report is gold for those who want to become familiar with specific issues in their ministry context. If you would like to view a sample Impressions Report, click here. This particular report is for a growing part of Texas, specifically Northwest San Antonio and the Southeast sector of the Texas Hill County.

You can view a sample Executive Report here.

All LCMS member congregations may use this tool. To register and take advantage of this tremendous tool simply click here or the button below, and follow the instructions. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your Area MMF for assistance.

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Improve Your Mosaic Reach

  • Learn more about the families around your area.
  • Learn how best to get their attention.
  • More than numbers… see them on the map.

Using MOSAIC, a “household portrait” information resource from Experian, you can begin to discover new ministry opportunities.

For more information about Mosaic and how to use it click here.

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