Come As You Are

The Dwelling, a church where you can “come as you are.” The Dwelling’s dress code? “Wear some clothes!” Cool tattoos? “This church thinks they’re awesome!” Whether it’s what you’re wearing, whatever the color of your skin, or what you see as your identity, The Dwelling really is a church where

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Ken Hennings Photo

Easter Encouragement

Easter is an exciting time in the Church year even though it is for only 50 days. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost is also exciting, but this excitement rests completely on the resurrection of Jesus. Everything in our faith walk is grounded in the resurrection. Easter is

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What’s Your Platform?

I had “brunch with a purpose” the other day. Yep, my chicken and waffles made a difference in the world. Marketers know that people today have a deep desire for purpose. The winds of an elevated social consciousness are blowing. Whether you buy a pair of shoes, place an order

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