Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior. Since my last column, the school year was completed, Vacation Bible School is most likely done, the summer heat has kicked in, vacations have begun, and the kids may or may not be binging off the wall (if they’re not, it won’t be long) and soon we will need to start preparing for the upcoming school year. If you are not ready to think about that yet, just know that your school’s teachers and staff are well into their plans for the year to make sure “junior” gets a good education this fall.

In light of this, it makes this month’s column timely as churches need to plan for the school year as well. If you remember, I am discussing the most frequent comments and questions I hear when presenting the pastor profile survey to church leadership and Call committees. Previously I have discussed youth involvement then community involvement in the church. This column is focused on school involvement in the church.  More specifically, why can’t we get families from our school to join our church?…


Marty Schardt
Congregation Support Specialist
Texas District Area B