I had “brunch with a purpose” the other day. Yep, my chicken and waffles made a difference in the world. Marketers know that people today have a deep desire for purpose. The winds of an elevated social consciousness are blowing. Whether you buy a pair of shoes, place an order on Amazon.com, or select your favorite menu item, you can contribute to a cause and bless someone’s life.

Companies have policies to make sure they’re giving back. Celebrities have platforms that help the forgotten and marginalized. Taylor Swift recently dazzled the nation with her gutsy and assertive testimony against an alleged abuser. Empowered women everywhere rallied around her strong and healthy defense of the victimized and mistreated.

I wonder if the church remembers its platform? I wonder if God’s people feel as strongly about it as Taylor Swift feels about hers? I wonder if we who have been given the miraculous grace of God in Jesus Christ can articulate our purpose with conviction, clarity and confidence to the world?

Does the church exist these days to advocate for people in need? Are we here to bless people? Or, have we forsaken the calling to be “friends of sinners” and to “seek and save the lost”? Are we more interested in creating barriers to keep us safe and protected? Are we more focused on gaining control and ensuring our comfort level? Are we on cruise control as we perpetuate institutional inertia and keep up with email and the schedule of activities?

In a world where brunches have purpose and celebrities have platforms, can the community of faith in Jesus remember theirs? Can we be bold and clear about making it known in both word and deed among fellow believers, in our communities and for the world?

If someone asked you what your platform is as a redeemed child of God, what would you say? What does that platform mandate in your life?

By Rev. Michael W. Newman
Mission & Ministry Facilitator, Area C