That’s what the Ethiopian asked Philip the deacon and evangelist in Acts 8:36. The Good News of Jesus created a craving for the fullness of God’s gifts.

 The same craving is happening around the Texas District as God’s people share the Gospel. Rev. Richard and Marcia Mittwede report six baptisms of international students in the past year through their work at University Lutheran Church in Austin. Just after Thanksgiving, three Chinese students involved in their ministry reported to the Mittwede’s that they had become believers in Jesus and were baptized at a local Chinese church. Now they are headed home as missionaries!  The Mittwede’s ask for prayers for several international students who are in Bible class, but are not yet followers of Jesus: X, J, R, H, S, N(China); J (Singapore); T (Taiwan); H, S, M, M (S. Korea); R (Iran); G (Hungary)-names are omitted for the safety of these students. 

A Chinese man who came to the University Lutheran Chapel in College Station also said to Rev. Paul Hoemann, “Pastor, I want to be baptized!” Pastor Hoemann connected with this man through the conversation classes and Bible study offered at ULC. After attending these classes faithfully through 2015, the Gospel made its way into his heart. This man is now traveling back to China as a new missionary of the Gospel.

Without your mission partnership and prayers, this life-changing and world-impacting ministry would not be possible. Thank you!