The story of Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch recorded in Acts 8:26-40 is familiar to most of us:

1. Philip called by God to go down the road from Jerusalem to Gaza.
2. Philip meets the Ethiopian eunuch who was reading scriptures.
3. Philip finds out the Ethiopian does not know what he is reading.
4. Philip shares the Gospel story of Jesus Christ.
5. The Ethiopian replies with “what hinders me from being baptized?”
6. The Ethiopian makes a profession of faith and is baptized.

God is working that same miracle today among Middle Eastern and North African people through the ministry of Disciples of the Way. Recently, God welcomed two new saints into His kingdom through the power of Holy Baptism.

The first baptism was well planned by the family of baby Matthew with Pastor Kbrab Isaak, with the Eritrean Lutheran mission currently worshiping at Zion Lutheran Church in Dallas. Pastor Isaak is one of the missionaries under the mission network of Disciples of the Way.

The second baptism is a parallel story to the Acts 8 conversion story of the Ethiopian eunuch. Rev. Karim Baidaoui, executive director at Disciples of the Way, was also in attendance with a man named Karrar. Karrar had been seriously contemplating his own baptism. During the baptism of baby Matthew, Karrar was moved to accept Jesus as His Savior and become baptized.

Praise God for the work of His Holy Spirit in the lives of these people.