If you have never witnessed the impact a Christ-centered 12-step program can have on an individual, it is truly a humbling experience. Vicar Adam Meyer got involved serving in a Recovery Ministry at the Austin Stone early in 2016 and was amazed to witness as people began to encounter God in authentic and transformative ways right before his eyes. The curriculum is not only designed to help people see where their lives have been disconnected from God, but it is also creating disciples and training individuals to point others to Christ along their journey.

Adam’s main focus is in leading ACTS Church Antioch—a multi-site church that gathers in public space. Even though the church plant is still young and small in size, a good number of the members needed individual care and guidance. There were seasons when Adam was meeting with more than 10 individuals in a single week on top of normal responsibilities. Obviously, this was not a sustainable practice for long-term growth, so as a community, ACTS Church Antioch decided to launch a Recovery Ministry of their own in January 2017.

In a commitment to remain in public space, there have been challenges in getting this ministry off the ground. It took a few months to land upon a local YMCA that had a conference room that would work for their needs and even then there were scheduling conflicts and leadership changes that have proven to be difficult. But in the face of challenge, we are called to trust in the Lord and trust that He is going to guide us to the right opportunities. Since January, Antioch has been able to build the relationship with the YMCA and hopes to build community as the staff and spouses of Antioch obtain memberships and seek to be a resource to this area. Please pray for continued discernment for this ministry and for patience as God is moving the hearts of those who are lost to be near to Him.