In the introduction of The Lutheran Confessions: The History and Theology of the Book of Concord, Arand, Kolb, and Nestingen write: “Unlike most, Lutherans are among those who define their way of life through the public confession of their faith in Jesus Christ.” The same indicate that Lutherans, compared to other Christian denominations, have “defined themselves by a broader focus on Christian teaching and interpretation of the Biblical narrative.” The content of that “broader focus” is the Book of Concord.

Leading Lutheran Confessional scholars, Dr. Robert Kolb, of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, and Dr. Roland Zeigler, of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN, will be co-presenting at the Texas District Theological Convocation in May. Dr. Kolb and Dr. Zeigler will shepherd those attending this powerful convocation through mutual discussions concerning the history, regulatory role, sufficiency and current application of our confessions in ministry and vocation.

Those attending will be exploring questions such as, “What does it mean to be a Confessional Church?” and “How are the Confessions to be used today?” The convocation is especially designed to facilitate conversation amongst the body, to understand, to celebrate and to more fully embrace the gift that God has given to us by way of our Confessions.

This is a convocation that you will not want to miss. One Texas pastor, having learned of both theme and presenters said, “Absolutely. I’m coming and I will urge as many of my brothers to come too. This is going to be a convocation to write home about!” You are encouraged to register before General Registration ends on March 31. After this date, Late Registration only is available.

By: Rev. Steve Misch
Mission & Ministry Facilitator, Area A