Located across the street from an elementary and middle school as well as a fire station, Trinity Woodlands church plant has been the dream of many over a number of years. Previously organized as Christ Lutheran Church with a child development center (CDC), the leadership and members of both Christ Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran recognized the opportunity for mission in the growing northwest quadrant of Amarillo.

Under the leadership of Rev. Brian Hesse, pastor of Trinity and DCE, Charessa Koontz, Christ Lutheran determined it would close its doors and become part of Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Amarillo. Trinity agreed to accept the debt (held by Texas District Church Extension Fund) for the building and continue the ministry of the CDC already located at the Woodlands property. When the paperwork was completed, Trinity began to make both physical changes and administrative changes to the CDC and over two years of enrollment at the CDC has increased by almost 40 children.

The next priority was to plant a church in the facility. With the raising up of SMP candidate, Vicar Ricky Black, from Trinity, that effort is well underway with services, bible studies, and neighborhood activities being developed. Amarillo is growing and the need for an active gospel presence is essential for the spiritual welfare of the community. The CDC and the gathering congregation is bringing a new presence of Jesus to the city as well as the region called the Panhandle of Texas.

By Rev. Steve Misch
Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Area A