You’ll never guess what Cindy and I received during the pastors conferences in October.

At one of the sites near the end of our journey, a member of the congregation turned to us and asked, “Do you want a big, stuffed unicorn?”

I looked at my wife as her eyes grew big and a smile began to spread across her face. I replied, “That’s a loaded question.”

You see, our granddaughter loves unicorns. She LOVES unicorns. She ABSOLUTELY ADORES unicorns. I don’t think she’s reading this blog, so I can reveal the fact that she loves unicorns so much that we’re giving her unicorn-themed items for Christmas so her bedroom can be all about unicorns. Did I mention she loves unicorns?

So, grandma was thrilled with the question posed to us. “Of course we’d like to take a giant, stuffed unicorn and put it in our car,” I responded (see the photo with this blog).

What’s the theological point of all this, you might wonder? It’s this: God does the impossible and blesses us with His grace far beyond all we can ask for or imagine.

We didn’t expect a unicorn, but we received one. We didn’t expect the Christchild born in a manger, but he arrived. We didn’t expect Him to be the Friend of sinners, but he was. We didn’t expect the cross from the Son of God, but He came to seek and to save the lost. We didn’t expect the resurrection from the dead, but now, through our baptisms, we walk in the newness of life.

More than we can ever ask for or imagine. Grace. Forgiveness. Eternal hope. Life to share with the world.

Exceeded expectations were what I experienced during our pastors conferences. Nearly 400 participants. Insightful and honest sharing. Warm fellowship. Beautiful ministries. The name of Jesus being lifted up in communities. Faithful servants of our Savior. Brothers and sisters contending together for the Gospel.

The unicorn was emblematic of God’s over and above work of grace through each of you. How thankful I am to walk in confession and mission with you in the Texas District.

By Rev. Michael Newman

To download slides from the 2018 pastors conference.