God is good!

When we began a new ministry called Salem Church Online 20 months ago, we didn’t know what to expect. We trusted that God would use the technology to change lives, but what that looked like was anyone’s guess.

Now, several months later, we have a Facebook group with more 400 members, a prayer team, including volunteers in the US and across the world, and we are looking ahead to beginning an online connect group.

This past spring, we witnessed a powerful act of God. To learn more about that, here is a story from Vicar George Holleway about Buba:

Buba was searching for pastors online. He heard about Jesus in a movie and wanted to learn more about Him. He sends a message: “Hi. How are you doing. My name is Buba from the Gambia in West Africa. Nice to meet you. I am a Muslim. I need your help to become a Christian. Can you help me please?”

Through a series of Instagram messages and WhatsApp calls, Buba expressed faith in Jesus and learned the basics about God. I asked him if he had been baptized. His response: “What is baptized?” Several calls later I learned Buba was ready to be baptized, there were no churches in his town and he didn’t know any Christians. We decided to do something I never thought would happen: I baptized him over a video call. Real water. Real Word. Real faith.

He confessed his sin and received Jesus as his Savior. As he poured the water over his head I said the baptismal rite.

Here’s what I didn’t know: Buba was translating everything I taught him for his six sisters. The next day Buba texted me saying, “Good news my siblings accepted Jesus today!” All six of his sisters came to faith in Jesus and were baptized.

We believe the church is on mission more than one hour on a Sunday morning. Salem Church Online, through God’s blessing, is bringing the message of the Gospel into homes seven days a week, all over the world.

We’d encourage you to join our Salem Church Online Facebook group so you can discover how your church can also embrace the power of technology to reach more people with the Gospel. To God be the glory!

By Joey Bluege
Salem Church Online/Communications Coordinator