A diverse group from several different schools assisted in the VBS and the Medical Clinic in Candelaria over spring break on March 12-19. There were two advanced nursing students from Concordia University Texas and two other students. These four were joined by two students from West Texas A&M and lead by Pastor Carlos Boerger and two members from his congregation. In addition, there was one retired MD and one other student from UTSA. In all, 11 people led the VBS where 80 people from the area attended.

It was observed by area contact person, Margaret Petersen, “there was a high level of enthusiasm for community outreach (as opposed to more interest in the work project) with this group and a willingness to employ creative ideas and run with them.   Obviously, they put a lot of thought and creativity into the VBS.”

The cliVBS3 copynic experience at Candelaria was definitely eye-opening for all the students. This remote location does not have access to high tech methodology. They saw that the very traditional and “old” methods still work.

This activity is sponsored by Can-Do Mission. You can learn more about future activities at can-do.concordia.edu. You can also call the CAN-DO Missions office at (512) 313-4330 and speak with Pat Fick (Director) or Andrea McDonald (Administrative Assistant).

By: Rev. Steve Misch
Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Area A