Churches are planting churches to reach the lost and make disciples across the state. Mission outreach is alive in Texas—exciting times! In Houston, Christ the King, Pastor Al Doering, and Lamb of God, Pastor Mark Brunette, are partnering together to plant a church along the Grand Parkway. A model of right place, right person and right plan is leading this missional endeavor.

Right Place
In Houston, the Grand Parkway (also known as Highway 99), is definitely the right place. This new corridor opened up previously inaccessible farmland to developers. The area is expected to grow 40 to 50 percent, approximately 65,000 people, in the next 10 years and is under churched.

Right Person
There is a long-time connection between Christ the King and Lamb of God. In 1989, Lamb of God planted Christ the King. Churches planting churches!

These long-term colleagues, Pastors Doering and Brunette, were both feeling called to plant a church. “We were at a district conference a few years ago at Gloria Dei, and we both walked into a session being led by Paul Krentz. Mark and I walked out of the session together and thought we should pursue this,” Doering said. “Both of our congregations are very missional oriented. Mission is top priority for both congregations.”

Teams from both churches were formed and it was decided that Christ the King would call one of two 2016 graduates from the church planting program at Concordia Lutheran Seminary on behalf of the partnership. “Lord, if you want us to have one, we will get one,” Brunette said. “We got Seth Kunze!”

The Kunze family will be arriving in Houston on June 21 at will be installed at Christ the King on July 10 at 4 p.m. Of course, smoked meat will be served! To hear from the Kunze family, click HERE.

Kunze will not be attached to one church. He will be welcomed into both congregations to form relationships and create a launch team with individuals and families who feel led to participate in this mission work.

Right Plan

The plan will be developed over the next year and will be led by Kunze. Doering says, “Right place, right person, right plan. As Seth comes to us, we have right place, Grand Parkway, right person, God brought us the right person. God worked it out. Right plan is yet to be developed.”

“In four years, hopefully, the church will be self-sustaining,” Brunette said. “They will plant another one after that and that new church will plant another new church.” The plan is to continue planting churches!

Please join us in praying for Pastors Doering, Brunette and Kunze as well as their congregations and future church plant. Brunette says, “Pray that God would bless it and His spirit go ahead and soften hearts to be ripe for the gospel.”