In Psalm 71:20, the Psalmist speaks to God and says, “Though You have made me see troubles, many and bitter, You will restore my life again.” This is what we celebrate at Easter. Jesus was a man who experienced deep troubles that were many and bitter. Yet, His life was restored. This is why we can say, “Christ is risen!”

Like Jesus, we too can experience troubles that are many and bitter. Yet, by Jesus, our lives can be restored – both as we experience joy in following Him and as we hope for the day when He will return to raise all the dead.

It is the restoration of life that our Hurricane Harvey relief efforts are dedicated to. So many people in the Houston, Golden Triangle, and Coastal Bend areas have had their lives turned upside down by the devastation this storm has brought. Yet, one by one, the lives people once knew are being restored thanks to your volunteer efforts and financial gifts.

Thanks to you, a woman who not only lost her roof and all of her families’ possessions, but is also struggling with a severe autoimmune disorder, now has a secure house with new base plates and studs to support a room, and drywall throughout the house. Thanks to you, a single mother of three who lost everything during the hurricane now has a living room set, tables, entertainment center, food, paper goods and cleaning supplies as she continues to rebuild her house and make it a home for her children. I share her words with you, because these stories would not be possible without you … “I definitely appreciate everything, more than you guys will ever know”.

You really are making a difference! You really are aiding in the restoration of lives. But there is still so much more to do. You can be a part of our ongoing efforts to help restore what has been lost in Harvey either by donating to the Texas District Disaster Relief Fund or by signing up to serve on one of our relief teams. Together, we can restore what was lost from life as we work to reflect the greatest life of all – Jesus’ life – in everything we do.

Until they all know Him,

Julie Tucker
Director of Disaster Response
Texas District, LCMS