Several new communities are being reached with the Gospel of Jesus in the Rio Grande Valley through a variety of mission outreach efforts. One involves potatoes—yes, you read correctly: spuds, Idaho’s best, Mister and Missus, the raw material for French Fries.

The Orphan Grain Train blesses the Rio Grande Valley with a variety of deliveries. One surprising blessing has been truckloads of potatoes. In October, Rev. Ed Weber helped coordinate a delivery of 38,000 pounds of spuds. How do you handle the speedy delivery of potatoes? With lots of prayer and the help of many hands. Pastor Weber reports:

“This week has been another potatoes and prayer week! Thanks be to God, we received a full trailer of 38,000 lbs. of potatoes on Wednesday from the Orphan Grain Train. What a blessing! We passed out 14,000 lbs. on the baseball field in Mercedes [The baseball field is “Christ’s Corner” ballfield, a community mission outreach based on property owned by Immanuel, Mercedes]. 168 families registered and over 200 came. Many are unchurched. Within 90 minutes it was all bagged and passed out! There was great support from Immanuel, the school and Mision Emanuel. St. John San Benito also participated. It was good to see everyone working together. Some people received New Testaments and most received a tract in their potato bags. With others we had opportunities to pray.

The people in the pavilion area passed out 14,000 lbs. as well [The Pavilion is another community outreach center in a colonia outside of San Benito. This has become a gathering place for VBS, a variety of spiritual growth and worship opportunities, and even baptisms!]. Fishers of Men Port Isabel distributed 10,000 lbs. as well [Fishers of Men in Port Isabel spearheads a vibrant Hispanic ministry for the community].”

Pastor Weber, DCE Brenda Segovia, many volunteers from LCMS churches across the Rio Grande Valley, and the support of RioMAC, the Rio Grande Valley Mission Action Council, helps make this Christ-centered outreach possible. Unity among RGV churches, relationships with local community members and attentiveness to local needs are helping to multiply Kingdom efforts in the Texas District.

By: Rev. Michael Newman and Rev. Ed Weber