When local churches determine to serve their surrounding communities, it’s not always clear whether their efforts are truly making a difference. So they continue to extend themselves in love, uplifted by the example and command of Jesus: “So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.’” Luke 17:10

Although most ‘ordinary missionaries’ seem steadfast and uncomplaining over the long haul, it’s inevitable that they might question whether serving those outside of the church is worth it. But God occasionally provides a glimpse of what He is up to through His people.

For ten years now, our church, ACTS Church Lakeway, has enjoyed a partnership with nearby Concordia University Texas. Every August we have sent a team to help the freshmen class move into the residence halls. Over an entire decade, we have handed out bottles of water, carried boxes, comforted parents, and served free food. Although we have been honored to be involved, we weren’t always sure what impact our efforts were having.

This January, as we were preparing year-end contribution statements, we realized that we didn’t know the source for one fairly sizable gift. The only reference point for this donation was the name of an out-of-town company. We dropped the statement in the mail, but a few days later it was returned to us. We now began researching the company online, trying to get to the bottom of this mystery gift.

It didn’t take long before we had the name of the company owner. Within a couple of days, our business manager sent the following email:

So, I just got to the bottom of this giver! He lives in Austin but has this business in various cities. Apparently, he doesn’t even really go to church anywhere but met (two of our ACTS volunteers) at Concordia University one time when they were moving in their daughter for school. He… enjoyed the conversation and decided to give to us for his tithe. He gave me the correct address and his email address and I will resend him the statement. He said if we ever needed anything to let him know. Maybe one day he will visit us on a Sunday! You just never know where a conversation can lead!

Lord forgive us for assuming we know all that You are up to. May we be content to do our part. Give us the grace to serve you in love and obedience. We ask that You would continue to send us lovingly into the world that you so love. Amen.

By Rev. Pete Mueller
Mission Strategist, Area C