Did you know Legacy Deo (formerly Lutheran Foundation of Texas) supports the Texas District’s mission efforts? Thanks to past generosity of donors in the Lutheran community, Legacy Deo manages forty-six endowments and trusts totaling $6.5 million that ultimately benefit district ministries. Thirty of those accounts provide direct funding to mission activities.

For the district’s fiscal year that ended January 31, Legacy Deo gave $167,000 to the district through these endowments and trusts. Approximately $124,000, or 74 percent of the total, was designated for missions! Programs such as deaf ministry, Hispanic ministry, missions in urban Dallas and Texas Partners in Mission received funding in 2017. The largest portion, more than $59,000, was allocated to mission-planting activities in the Texas District.

The faithfulness of our donors is paying off today in magnificent ways. The lost are being reached through Christ’s Gospel and new congregations now exist in underserved areas. May an attitude of cheerful giving continue to be something for which the Texas District is known and may it bless many peoples’ lives for years to come. You, too, can financially support the district’s mission programs. Large amounts and new accounts aren’t necessary to make a difference. To learn more, contact Legacy Deo staff.

By: Brian D Hamilton
Chief Financial Officer, Legacy Deo