Despite another round of rain in the Cypress area that caused localized flooding, the “public launch” of Cypress Chapel was a great success.

Cypress Chapel is the most recent church plant out of St. John in Cypress, where Dr. David Bahn is the senior pastor. Pastor Stephen DeMik, the planting pastor, had planned to launch the new venture right on St. John’s campus, in the old sanctuary. The “tax day flood” this year altered those plans, as the old sanctuary needed to be used as office space while St. John’s offices were repaired after flood damage.The entrance to The Shack and Cypress Chapel.

So where was Cypress Chapel to worship? Pastor DeMik made contact with the owner of “The Shack,” a casual restaurant in the Cypress area that also features musical groups. The Shack already had a stage area and some of the audio-visual equipment necessary. Worshippers sit at chairs and tables in the restaurant area.

Though many of the intended launch activities had to be postponed because of the second round of flooding on August 14, more than 100 participants (by this author’s estimate) packed The Shack for the public launch, as Pastor DeMik continued his series of catechetical sermons on the Apostles’ Creed.

Outreach to the community has already begun. Here is one story, in the words of Pastor DeMik:

“And to give you a personal story, meet the Coopers (names changed to protect anonymity). John, Alice and Irene (3) were in the hospital when the first flooding occurred back in April, as Alice was recovering from the birth of their second child. Their home flooded, they lost two cars, and they have only started to begin to rebuild… Natalie (Pastor DeMik’s wife) and I have been trading notes with them on Facebook, and for the first time I met (and talked) with John face-to-face last Sunday afternoon. They’ve attended (another church) off and on for three years, but never felt at home there. Yesterday they came to Cypress Chapel, and then they stayed after to eat and meet other families. They loved it. They even brought Alice’s sister and nephew, who also enjoyed it and said that they will be back…We’ll have many more conversations in the coming weeks about Jesus and their faith, and for that I am thankful.”

Indeed, it was a great day, anyway!

By: Rev. Jon Braunersreuther
Mission & Ministry Facilitator, Area D

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