Since the moment Harvey hit, Texas District congregations looked past their own devastation, even personal loss, to be helping hands to others in need. Salem Tomball acquired 40,000 sq. feet of interior space, in addition to 75,000 sq. feet outside space, to store and distribute rebuilding supplies. Teams from Hope Lutheran in Friendswood worked tirelessly to muck out approximately 1,000 homes within just days of Harvey hitting land. Trinity Klein started with rescuing 39 families to sheltering several hundreds to working with Harris County to be HEB’s food distribution center—serving 2,000 families in 8 days. This only touches the surface of the inspiring work being done—God is moving in hearts and doing amazing things through His people!

The response to supporting Texas District congregations, pastors, church workers and members who had property damage from Harvey is incredible. The districtreceived more than a 1,000 online donations and hundreds of checks. Thank you! Your generous donations are going directly to those people affected to help them rebuild and continue their ministries. “I am so grateful and humbled, I am unable to express myself. I am hearing the same thing from my friends. Your generosity brings only tears of joy and no words to express that joy and relief,” one Harvey survivor said after receiving grant dollars. More than $290,000 has been given away and this is increasing every day.

This edition of Catalyst highlights just a few of the stories that have come out of Hurricane Harvey. We know there will be many more to share with you in the future. This will be a long rebuilding and healing process for many, but we have peace knowing nothing at all can take us out of the safety of God’s arms. Psalm 114


Houston Central Police Department Moves into Trinity Downtown:

As 14-15 trillion gallons of water fell on Houston during Hurricane Harvey, some were spared and others experienced serious loss. We praise God that Trinity Downtown was spared with just a puddle of water in their basement. However, just across the street the home of the Central Police Department flooded as well their parking garage.

As the waters rose more than 200 cars in the garage were flooded right next door to Trinity. “These were the personal vehicles of the officers that had parked them at the Central Police Department while they were out protecting us all through Harvey,” said Pastor Michael Dorn. “Sad they all experienced such a loss”

Trinity Downtown quickly jumped into action as did many of the Texas District congregations to assist those in need. They turned their church into a donation and distribution site to assist Houston Police Officers and other first responders. Additionally, they were working to assist several member with damaged homes.

On Saturday, September 9, dozens of volunteers transferred, sorted and distributed 2 semi-trailers worth of donated goods weighing 100,000 pounds! “God has worked in an amazing way through all of you in the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort. I continue to hear stories about the many ways in which you are expressing His love in a tangible way. Thank you and praise the Lord!” wrote Dorn to his congregation.

Over the past few weeks more than 150 volunteered at the distribution center at Trinity assisting 1,500 people. God continues to work through the people of Trinity Downtown and across the Texas District!