Grandma Eva was baptized at age 83 on Sept. 22, 2019, by Pastor Richard Mittwede, Missionary/Campus Pastor of University Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas.

After coming to America many years ago, Grandma attended various churches and Bible classes and came to know the Gospel, who Jesus really is and what He has done for her.  However, Jesus was working in her heart long before she came to America. As she says, “My elementary school was at a Lutheran Church in Shanghai, China.  God already put His seeds in my heart in my early life.”

But Grandma realized she had never been baptized, so because her elementary school was at a Lutheran Church, and because she had attended Bible classes with Pastor and Marcia Mittwede for two years, she desired Pastor Mittwede to baptize her at a Lutheran Church. He was eager to grant her that request!

Here is an excerpt of what she had to say on the occasion of her baptism:

“Today is my spiritual birthday.  I’m so happy I’ve become a newborn person.  This is God’s grace, washing away my sins.”

If you would see this energetic woman, you would never guess she is 83 years old!

Not only does she attend Bible classes but she is also employed at a local retail store, where she eagerly helps customers and attends Austin Community College.

We are grateful to the Lord for bringing Grandma Eva to Himself and also that He has brought her here to us, to be a bright light shining for Jesus to those around her.  Thanks be to God!

By Marcia Mittwede