It was a group of young people who made the connection. While serving on a summer mission trip, a youth mission team met a young mom and her children near Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in San Antonio-also the home of LINC San Antonio. The youth invited the mom and children to the Latchkey Ministry, an after school gathering for children in the apartment complex next door. After participating on Thursdays after school for eight months, the mom, Melissa, and her six children were baptized and welcomed as fellow heirs of eternal life and fellow missionaries for Jesus. Four Latchkey ministry volunteers-good friends by now-served as sponsors for the family.

Further south, in Kenedy, Texas, Eagle Ford Chaplain Jonathan Berkesch has been serving on the volunteer fire department as part of his work as a missionary in the oil field. As the months have passed, he has become friends with many firefighters and their families. Friends, of course, talk about what matters. Chaplain Berkesch has been talking with his firefighter friends about Jesus. With patience, love and care, a response is beginning. The family of one of the firefighters was recently baptized. New disciples are coming to faith in Jesus and being sent to share the good news in the corners of our small towns and urban areas. The Lord is faithful to His promise!

Thank you for your partnership in mission. Together, we are the Texas District. Together, we are seeing eternal blessings for precious lives.

By: Rev. Mike Newman
Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Area C