Lutheran theology is very much about serving our neighbors.  Martin Luther emphasized the Biblical teaching to love the people God placed around us.  Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan to emphasize our calling to BE a caring neighbor to the people in our context.

Do you know who your neighbors are?  Do you have an understanding of their beliefs, needs, and characteristics?

Texas District churches are able to study their contexts and come to a deeper understanding of their neighbors through a tool called MissionInsite.  This demographic instrument helps you reach out effectively with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Through MissionInsite you can see population growth trends, religious affiliations, age group development, poverty levels, percentages of ethnic groups, what languages are spoken at home, spiritual practices, and much, much more.

By taking a close look at who your neighbors are, you will be equipped to connect with God’s precious people around you in meaningful ways.

To get started, take a look at the Texas District MissionInsite Registration instructions.

If you need help navigating MissionInsite, reach out to your area MMF.  He’ll be glad to walk with you as you discover how you can be the best neighbor you can be—for God’s glory and the salvation of His people!

By: Rev. Mike Newman
Mission & Ministry Facilitator, Area C