“I decided to go on the retreat because I need to let God back into my life.”

My heart wanted to leap out of my chest when I heard Richard say those words six weeks into our first Alpha course! He had started the course at the urging of a friend, and those first few weeks it didn’t look like he really wanted to be with us. He had some church baggage, as many of our friends and neighbors do. He’s still got some hang-ups with church, but now Jesus has a hold of his heart and the Holy Spirit is doing an amazing work in his life. After many years away from church, Richard is back in the family of God!Cornerstone1

These are the stories we’ve been praying God would allow us to be part of in Buda and Kyle. Cornerstone Church is a new mission in these south Austin communities. We’re a re-plant in this area where The Well had faithfully laid a foundation for gospel outreach over the past ten years. For several reasons it was decided last spring to “back up” and re-start mission in this place with a renewed focus on bringing the Gospel to friends and neighbors who are distant from Jesus, faith and the Church.

Already, we can honestly say we are a church actively involved in faith conversations with friends who are distant from Jesus. Our primary conversation tool is Alpha, a course offering an introduction to basics of Jesus, faith and Christianity for non-Christians. There’s an emphasis on relationships, and guests are allowed to voice any opinions they have. It’s a place where our friends can raise questions they have about Jesus.

Cornerstone2Aaron left church 10 years ago, and describes himself as a skeptic. He came to Alpha with a lot of intellectual questions about the Bible and Jesus. Recently he asked, “Have you guys thought about a beta?” because he wanted to continue in conversation and community once the Alpha course concludes. He’s growing in faith, and he wanted a next step. A friend offered to bring him to church in my living room this Sunday, and he says he’s coming. That’s his next step. As the Holy Spirit brings him along step-by-step we’re thankful to be walking with him.

This is the start of Cornerstone Church. I can’t wait for what else God has in store for us!

By: Pastor Matt Behrens
Pastor for you at Cornerstone Church