In Luke 10:2, Jesus asks us to pray for workers for the harvest field. One of the most significant areas of need is for church planters. When this article was written, the Houston area had three “shovel ready” church plants among Texas District congregations needing a planter. One of the places we hope to find those workers is at our two wonderful seminaries in St. Louis and Ft. Wayne.

Last spring, we reported that the Texas District sponsored Church Planting Forums at both seminaries. This fall, they asked us to come back!

And so, we did. A panel of church planters at each seminary, facilitated by Rev. Dr. Steve Sohns and me on behalf of the district, shared with interested people from the seminary community about our experiences planting new congregations in Texas—now numbering more than 160 since 2004. In addition to discussing the three “Ps” of church planting—the right person, place, and plan—the planters discussed their blessings and challenges in the planting process. They encouraged those who attended to consider being planters themselves or to support others in the church planting process.

This event was a prelude to an experience scheduled for the Houston area this spring—a Church Planting Lab. Participants from both seminary communities will be invited to come to Houston for the weekend to interact with church planters on the ground, learn what the church planting life is like, and engage in some exercises designed to assist them in considering strategies for planting a congregation.

Join us in praying for influential events and for workers for the harvest!

By Jon Braunersreuther, D. Min.
Director of Districtwide Strategy
Mission Strategist—Area D