This fall Rev. Philip Doublestein joined the team of LINC San Antonio, with the prayerful intention of starting a new church in this fast-growing city. Although a specific location for the new church has not been determined, two primary populations within the metropolitan area have been identified: Brooks (City Base) and UTSA. Pastor Doublestein and the team will begin prayer walking in the City Base area in early November (see for more information).

Initiated in 2008, the Lutheran Intercity Network Coalition (LINC) equips Christians in San Antonio to engage their community with the Gospel. Under the leadership of Ely Prieto, LINC identifies needs around the city and seeks strategies to help meet those needs. From these relationships come opportunities to speak the Word of God to open ears and ready hearts. The goal of LINC San Antonio is Kingdom expansion, to the glory of Jesus Christ.

The concept of planting a church – and in fact, a network of new churches – emerged over time as a natural extension of LINC’s mission. God has consistently opened doors for LINC to bridge the gap between the family of Christ and non-Christian friends and neighbors. After a decade of ministry and mission through specific programs, LINC will add ‘church planting’ to its list of strategic endeavors!

Philip is actually ‘coming home,’ since he grew up in the Helotes area of San Antonio. In an interesting twist that only God could conceive of, Philip was mentored by Pastor Ely when he was a high school student. Please pray for Pastor Doublestein and family as they get established in San Antonio, build relationships, and prepare for the mission effort that God has in mind for them.

If you would like to find out more about the efforts to plant a new church in the San Antonio area, contact Philip Doublestein.

By Rev. Pete Mueller
Mission Strategist, Area C