Equipping and sending evangelists are part of an initiative by the Texas District to deploy multiple levels of servant-leaders from local congregations to help make disciples and multiply faith communities. Eight members from Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, and four members from Messiah, Boerne, completed this Texas District Evangelist Training facilitated by Laura Sanders, Lead Evangelist Trainer for Area C. Class participants became one as Team Josh, Jesus’ Outreach: Saving Hearts, in honor of Josh Foley, a fellow evangelist who tragically died during their training.

At the ceremony on Sunday, April 10, President Newman inspired the group with his words. He shared how ripple effects impacted his mother and his life, leading him to become a pastor. In Ethiopia, where the largest Lutheran church exists. The first time the word evangelist appears in the Bible is in Acts 21:8, identifying Philip as the evangelist. You may know him better by his witness to the Ethiopian eunuch riding in his chariot as he read from Isaiah. Today the Lutheran church in Ethiopia has 10,000 members, 3,500 pastors, and 300,000 evangelists! This is what the Texas District wants to duplicate. The Apostolic Way is to equip, send, multiple, and repeat.

God has blessed Texas with a mission field rapidly growing in our cities and neighborhoods. If anyone is interested in learning more about this district program, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Yohannes Mengsteab, Evangelist Development. The Texas District is now recruiting for online training starting mid-May. You can learn more and register at https://txlcms.org/lay-evangelist-training/.

By Laura Sanders
Lead Evangelist Trainer for Area C

Pictured are top row: Pete Robinson, Jess Delz, Luis Botello, Les Turner, Rev. Michael Newman, President of Texas District, and Dr. Yohannes Mengsteab, Evangelist Development and Mission Strategist Area B. Bottom row: Steve Deskin, Dennis Parker, Brad Sanders, Laura Sanders, Mikki Senkarik, Angie Synatzske, Deborah Woods, Gideon Baldwin, and Melody Smith.

Not pictured but also present were Rev. Pete Mueller, Mission Strategist Area C, Rev. Alex Lahue of Messiah, Rev. Chris Kennedy of SHLC, Rev. Andy Johnson of SHLC, Rev. Philip Doublestein, Interim Executive Director for LINC-San Antonio, and Rev. Carlos Boerger, Board Chairman of LINC-San Antonio.