On July 13, Fortress celebrated its first baptism! Kristina, a 29-year-old Army soldier, was baptized into the faith. Raised as a Muslim and Hindu, she had not learned about the hope and peace we have in Christ. But, through a Fortress member’s neighboring and God’s work through His Word, Kristina started attending and soon desired to be baptized. As we live streamed the baptism, her Muslim parents and other family members from back east watched and witnessed God’s work in her. With her newfound faith and the peace and strength of God, she is now being deployed to the Middle East. But, there’s more to the story!

An interesting part of being in the Fort Hood and Killeen area is that there is significant turnover each and every year. People are moving in and out as they are stationed and deployed to all parts of the world. We’ve learned that Fortress needs to be a welcoming and sending congregation in a much greater way than ever anticipated. So, we give purposeful sendoffs to all who are deployed or transferred to other posts. Kristina’s sendoff given by her brothers and sisters in Christ was even more special. Her Hindu husband attended the worship and fellowship that was a part of her sendoff! It was the first Christian event he had ever attended, and the Gospel was heard by all! Our prayer is that God’s work will continue in this family.

To hear her story, go to https://youtu.be/ZpnToA1y9MI.

To God be the glory!

By Pastor Gerry Harrow