As Texas District President I often receive the blessing of hearing or experiencing mission stories. Recently I was able to attend the public launch of Cypress Chapel Lutheran Mission. Saturday night before the Sunday launch, the sky opened dropping a large amount of rain. The Sunday activities planned for after worship had to be cancelled. What was impressive is that more than 100 people still came to the opening worship service. About 30 of these were children who showed great excitement about this new ministry. The children’s message was well done and was based on a part of Luther’s Small Catechism. One of the families attending had been ministered to by some families from Cypress Chapel when their home had been flooded a few weeks early. They shared with their new friends that they would be back.

God’s people, living out their faith in tangible ways, put a smile on my face and praise to God in my heart. This happened, again, when I heard a pastor share about his involvement in the local elementary school in the town where he serves. The local school district was seeking people who would volunteer time once a week to tutor students who needed help with their studies. This pastor has been faithfully giving a little time to help these elementary students. He shared that one time, as he finished tutoring a student; the teacher expressed some frustration and tiredness. The pastor identified himself and asked whether he could pray with her. Immediately she said, “Oh, yes, please do.” Now she knows that he is there not only as a tutor, but as her supporter.

Mission stories like these happen all the time across Texas by Lutherans, and they are a blessing to me.

By: Rev. Ken Hennings
President, Texas District