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In partnership with God’s people in LCMS congregations around the state of Texas, the Texas District has started 103 new mission congregations since 2004! As partner congregations assembled in the Texas District, we have facilitated the start of ONE NEW CONGREGATION EVERY 6 WEEKS FOR THE PAST ELEVEN YEARS! We praise God for His faithfulness. Your mission focus and self-sacrificial generosity are helping to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with more than 9000 people each week in more than 100 mission and ministry efforts in the Texas District. These mission efforts can only be accomplished as congregations and individual believers band together in order to support the courageous and dedicated missionaries who follow Christ’s call to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” (Mark 16:15).

Hymn 831, “How Shall They Hear, Who Have Not Heard,” from the Lutheran Service Book, performed and recorded by Dr. Michael Johnson, Music Director at Trinity Lutheran Church, Amarillo Texas, has significant meaning to me as I work to gather resources for our missionaries and new church starts around the Texas District. Based, in part, on Romans 10:14-15, this hymn puts to music the mission of the Texas District: strengthening congregations to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and care for people—locally and globally.

The missions you see as you browse this website represent mission efforts resulting from offerings given generously by Texas District congregations. Over $2.8 million will go to support this vast array of mission churches in Texas during 2016. In addition, special gifts to Texas Partners in Mission (TPIM) cover the unmet mission need each year. Every dollar contributed to TPIM goes directly to support missions in the Texas District.

If you or your congregation are interested in learning more about how you can support one of the ministries listed, please feel free to contact me at lmoore@txdistlcms.org or be in touch with the ministry representative directly.

Thank you for your dedication to the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Lanny Moore

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