Welcome to the Pastor Profile Survey Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Arlington

Before you begin this survey, take some time to pray to the Lord for wisdom, spiritual discernment and vision for the mission of the church within the context of your ministry. While you certainly have personal preferences concerning mission and ministry, the real question for you to ask is, “Lord, how will You use me and this congregation to build Your kingdom?”

After you completed this survey, ask the Lord’s blessing on this process as you and the members of Beautiful Savior search for pastoral leadership that the Lord has already selected to serve. (Acts 1:24)

This survey will take only a few minutes to complete. By so doing, you will be assisting the call committee and the president of the Texas District, LCMS in identifying an appropriate list of candidates for the congregation to consider for the person who will serve as your next pastor.

You may complete this survey in one of two ways:

  • On-line (at any computer at the home, office, or church); or
  • Printed copy (available from the call committee and is printable from this site).

On-line Survey

When you are prepared to take this survey online, you will need to click HERE. When you do, a page will appear with directions for filling out the survey.

Printed Copy

When you have completed the survey in the printed form, please return the completed document to the call committee.

  • Click Pastor Profile Survey. A pdf formatted document will appear. Then print the file; or
  • Ask for a copy from the chairman of the call committee or other designated member.

This survey will need to be completed no later than May 9, 2021. After this date, the survey will be closed and the responses will be tallied.

When the congregation has completed responding, a meeting will be set up with the members of Beautiful Savior, Rev. Jon Thomas (circuit visitor) and Mr. Martin Schardt (Area B Congregation Support Specialist) to review the results of the survey and begin the next phase in the calling process.


Rev. Yohannes Mengsteab, Mission and Ministry Facilitator
Area B – Dallas Metroplex and surrounding areas
5012 Glen Springs Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76137
Office/Cell: 260-458-4825

Mission Resources

The mission of the Texas District is to strengthen congregations to reach the lost, disciple the saved and care for people – locally and globally.

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