Anti-Racism Church Resources

Overcoming Racism As Followers of Jesus

A conversation with Rev. Byron Williams, St. Paul, Dallas, Rev. Dr. Yohannes Mengsteab, MMF, Texas District and President of the LCMS Black Clergy Caucus, Rev. Warren Lattimore, St. Paul, New Orleans, and Texas District President Rev. Michael Newman.


Helpful Resources

LCMS 2019 Resolution 11-04A (Spanish version)

Statement from President Matthew Harrison

“It Will Be Okay”—That Will Not Cut It

S.O.O.N. Third Ward—Creating Something Out of Nothing

The LCMS Black Clergy Caucus Statement 

A Prayer Against Racism

Fortress Church video

Concordia San Antonio Youtube Song

“Got Privilege?” – Understanding White Privilege

Alamo Hills Church Roundtable Discussion video

Why Black Lives Matter by Rev. Bill Cwirla

Lutherans for Racial Justice

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