In order to stay strong and centered in God’s grace, I would like to invite you to join me on our annual day of repentance on Ash Wednesday, February 26th. Jesus started His ministry with a call to repentance. What does that mean? It means God, in His grace, turns us from ourselves back to Him. He calls us back from ego, selfishness, falling short, worry and straying. He draws us close as we confess our sins to Him and receive His restoring forgiveness. He resets our course, teaches us His ways, and sends us as His renewed people.

Martin Luther noted in the first of his ninety-five theses: “When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said, ‘Repent’ (Mt 4:17), he willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.” Please set apart Ash Wednesday for personal prayer, confession, reflection, and worship so that your heart, your life, your ministry, and your relationships can experience the renovation of God’s Spirit.

For more on this day from President Newman, read the president’s page in February’s Texas Messenger.

Rev. Michael W. Newman, President
Texas District, LCMS

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